112 (pronounced "one-twelve") is a Grammy Award winning American R&B quartet from Atlanta, Georgia. Formerly artists on Diddy's Bad Boy Records, the group signed to the Def Soul roster in early 2002. They had great success in the late 1990s and early 2000s. 112 is an American R&B quartet from Atlanta, Georgia. Formerly artists on Sean "Diddy" Combs' Bad Boy Records, the group left Bad Boy and signed to the Def Soul roster in early 2002. 112 formed in Atlanta, Georgia and consisted of members Marvin Scandrick, Michael Keith, Quinnes Parker and Daron Jones. Equally rooted in gospel, soul and hip-hop, 112 was the first urban vocal group to emerge from Combs' Bad Boy Records roster. The group had its start when the members met while attending high school.

Known as Forte at the time, the group performed talent shows at church and school and eventually gained the attention of Courtney Sills and Kevin Wales, the group's would-be managers. After being brought to the attention of Sean "Puffy" Combs, the group was quickly signed in front of a local club in Atlanta called 112, which is credited to the group?s name 112. Soon afterwards they found themselves living in New York, recording their self-titled debut album. Released in 1996, the album eventually went double platinum. It featured the hit singles "Only You" and "Cupid," both of which peaked at #13 on the Hot 100 and #3 and #2 on the R&B charts respectively. The group also contributed to records by artists including Notorious B.I.G, Puff Daddy & Mase.

The group eventually went on the road as the opening act for the Isley Brothers at Ron Isley's request, the first of four separate tours that saw the group criss-crossing the U.S. with Keith Sweat, New Edition and finally Puff Daddy and the Family, over an 18 month period. In the years that followed, they found themselves touring with others artists such as Whitney Houston and Janet Jackson. The group has sold collectively a total of about 16+ million records world wide.

   After Daron returned to the group in 2008,Michael Keith decided to leave 112 and go solo. He stated that a former groupmate stole his, and member Slim's, money. Causing the two to leave. Slim however states that he never fell out with anyone over money and is still with 112. The group now consists of members Q, Slim, and Daron.. Mike said his business partner showed him that he wasn't receiving his royalty checks and that he needed to sue either Q or Daron.Q said that he respects Michael Keith as a man but wishes he would not put false rumors out in public. Mike says that his personal relationships with the others three members are good but business wise he can't deal with them anymore.Q, Slim, and Daron have been performing without him overseas in Australia, France, and Germany. It is possible that the group's next album will only have three members.




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